Dog Agility Tunnel Review

Agility_tunnel2So, as you may have guessed, I’ve played around a bit with starting our Labradors on agility training.  Okay, it’s pretty much been Josie and it’s pretty much just been the poles.  But I have long wanted to try something else, perhaps something easier, simpler than poles.  The tunnel seemed like a natural choice in terms of the concept being simple and I thought our Cocker Spaniel, who is not too sharp, might even grasp the concept.

The problem was that for a long time, every time I searched, my tunnel purchasing options were all over $100 which was more than I wanted to spend just to try out the concept.  But at long last, I discovered, purchased and just unpacked an an affordable tunnel. I was worried that for $36 it would be a piece of junk, but it seems well made. I popped it out and stretched it out inside (it was raining out) and then managed to actually get it back in the carrying/storage case. We’ve had a bunch of rain and I’m afraid the grass will never be dry or the tunnel will get mildewed, but just now…. right as I typed this I came up with a GREAT idea.

THE DECK!! I can try out the tunnel on our back deck and it won’t get dirty or mildewed. Stay tuned and I’ll let you know how they do. Oh, and I found this cool video that looks helpful in terms of how to teach the dogs to use it!!

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