Labrador Puppies for Sale (LabradorPuppiesForSale.US) is an online classified website to advertise for a very low-cost Labrador Retrievers puppies, adult dogs, and stud services.  We have chosen to charge a low-fee for ad placement as a way to greatly reduce SPAM. 

The idea of limiting the website to the breed of Labrador Retrievers was to provide greater service to those looking for Labradors.  With the use of Google Maps and the Advanced Search and the fact that all ads apply to Labrador Retrievers, users can locate a dog they may be interested in much more quickly.

People may list ads for Labrador Retrievers that are not AKC-registered.  We realize there are many "Labradors" that may have a trace or two of another breed in them which can be appropriately advertised on our website.  This policy is designed in part to help the many deserving Labrador rescue dogs find loving homes.  We will draw the line if a dog advertised does not even appear to be a Labrador.  For example, please do not post a Welsh Corgi with "Labrador-like personality and loyalty".  If you aren't sure, feel free to use the contact form before placing your ad to ask us.